Parent Locker



  • All students will be receiving letter grades associated with overall averages for classwork etc.
  • PowerSchool is used by the state to enroll students, store grades, track attendance etc.
  • Google Classroom does not synchronize with PowerSchool, so grades are not automatically recorded - teachers enter those by hand.
  • Parent access to PowerSchool is a great way to "see" how your child's school performance is being recorded.
  • Download the Parent Application for PowerSchool here:
    • New forms are only necessary when your student has moved to a new school.
    • Parents MUST Complete one form for each new student. If you have two students at Newport Middle School, we need two applications (one for each student.)
    • Parents must submit the application for approval prior to receiving the Parent Portal Access Codes and Information for PowerSchool. Please allow 1 week for applications to be checked for approval and Parent Portal Access to be available.
    • Parents must come to Newport Middle School in person with a Photo ID to pick up their Parent Portal Access Codes and Information.
    • Applications can be submitted to the office for approval and parents may return to the Office to pick up their access information (upon approval) with photo ID.
  • You can see a video on how to create a Parent Portal Account with your access information here:
  • Download the app for easy access:
  • Contact Chad Howard or Heather Montero at Newport Middle if you need assistance with PowerSchool.